Vogemann – Dry Cargo around the world

What began in Hamburg in 1886 has developed into a global success story over the years: Shipping company H. Vogemann specialises in all aspects of the bulk shipping industry. With a business model comprising three independent, solid pillars – Shipbrokering, Shipmanagement and Services – the three companies, individually owned by its management, assume a unique position word-wide. In addition to profound market knowledge and long-standing business relationships, there is one aspect  – above all else –  that takes centre stage:

Understanding the needs of our clients


average age

Our own fleet is modern and contemporary


of our own ships
in use

We have the right bulker for any application


under construction

We’re always updating our fleet – in line with the most stringent environmental standards

Vogemann as a shipowning company: Our range of services

In addition to managing our own fleet of modern bulk carriers, we’re also a service provider in the commercial and technical management of ships. As a result, other shipowning companies and investors unfamiliar with the industry also benefit from our market access.

Our strengths:

Our employees

  • Experience as an advantage: Our team has been active in the sector for years and is highly motivated
  • Shorter lines of communication, fast decision-making: All departments are located under a single roof
  • Bound by tradition: State-of-the-art technology meets Hanseatic reliability

Our expertise

  • Ear to the ground: We maintain close contact with shipyards, shipping companies and funders and bring all the synergies together in a sensible way
  • On the safe side: Our internal counterparty risk check minimises unavailability
  • Full service: We ensure the complete value chain of services through our partners

Our investments

  • All stages of project development under a single roof: Project identification, evaluation, implementation, operations and completion
  • Internal S&P department: Sale and Purchase of new and second-hand bulk carriers as well as advice for financial service providers and investors
  • Innovative financing concepts: For example, in the form of security token offerings (STO)

New: The Green Deal

  • Innovative: Investment opportunity based on security tokens
  • Digital: Paperless subscription process; subscription available 24/7
  • Sustainable: Investment in modern ships with low emission values

Market expertise

  • Vogemann has maintained extraordinary contact with shipyards and investors for many years,
  • which ensures direct market access, and
  • can thus achieve above-average charter rates

Risk management

  • Thanks to our connections and experience, we can gauge the counterparty risk
  • Handling a variety of goods ensures diversification

Vogemann as a shipowning company: Our own fleet

The fleet managed by Vogemann currently comprises 15 handysize bulkers of different sizes and two product tankers. Additional 12 handysize bulkers in the Green Dolphin class as well as 3 Kamsarmax bulkcarriers are currently under construction and will be delivered in 2023 and 2024. Our modern ships are used wherever they’re needed around the world.

Our handysize bulkers

Maximum flexibility: thanks to their size and their own cranes, our handysize bulkers can call at just about any port and transport nearly any goods, whether ore, coal, cereals, aluminium, cement, minerals, fertilisers, forestry products or various steel products. With their comparably small size of up to 42,000 dwt and their minimal draught, they’re used for whatever reason and wherever they’re needed around the world. With the Green Dolphin class, we’re setting the highest standards in terms of technology and environmental protection.

Capesize Bulkers:

With over 160,000 dwt, capesize bulkers are the largest class of bulker and are used to transport coal and ore.

Panamax/ Kamsarmax Bulkers:

With over 70,000 dwt, panamax bulkers are used to transport ore, coal, cereals, aluminium and bauxite.

Supramax/ Ultramax Bulkers:

With over 50,000 dwt, supramax and ultramax bulkers have their own cranes and are thus more versatile.

Our weekly report:

Our knowledge is in demand: We’re the only German company to provide the Baltic Exchange in London with data for the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) as a panel broker.
With our market data, we help to analyse the actual supply and demand for the transport of raw materials via standard routes. As a result, the index is also considered to be an early indicator of the global economy.

You can read our weekly market reports here:





Investment today

Shipping has always played an indispensable role in global trade. Transport by sea is much more environmentally friendly and economical than other methods, which is why investors have always been strong shipping partners. In the age of globalisation and increasingly innovative technologies, the ship is an especially attractive asset. Vogemann offers extraordinary expertise in initiating and supervising ship funds in the bulk segment. This includes innovative financing models such as our Green Deal, which not only targets institutional investors and investor groups, but also deliberately addresses individual private investors.