What began in Hamburg in 1886 has developed into a global success story over the years: Shipping company H. Vogemann specialises in all aspects of the bulk shipping industry. With a business model comprising three independent, solid pillars – Shipbrokering, Shipmanagement and Services – the three companies, individually owned by its management, assume a unique position world-wide. In addition to profound market knowledge and long-standing business relationships, there is one aspect  – above all else –  that takes centre stage:

Understanding the needs of our clients

H. Vogemann GmbH – an independent Shipbroker

With our global shipbroking business, we act as an intermediary between owners and charterers and thus ensure a seamlessly flowing transport chain for the global economy. H. Vogemann GmbH is the sole Baltic Exchange Panellist in Germany. Thanks to our wealth of information, our outstanding connections and our direct market access, we add value and know what is needed when and where.

Your benefits:

We bring together what belongs together:

  • Intensive, global contacts to the industry, trade and production
  • Long-standing, global relationships with shipping companies with access to a comprehensive fleet of bulk carriers in all sizes
  • Thanks to our client-oriented thinking and behaviour, we add value to our clients’ decision taking
  • Our experienced post-fixture team ensures professional execution of the voyage up to final completion of all financial transactions

Our Goal

  • efficient tonnage employment thanks to optimised planning
  • maximum security in the transport chain
  • freight solutions that are tailored to client requirements


Founded in Hamburg

We’ve embraced both tradition and innovation for more than 130 years