H. Vogemann Shipowning operates a modern fleet of dry cargo carriers worldwide

The uniqueness of H. Vogemann Shipowning lies in its comprehensive range of services and a wide network which is beneficial to its clients:

  • Long-standing, exceptional contacts to shipyards, shipping companies and financiers
  • Development of new projects under one roof; identification, implementation, operation and processing
  • Evaluation of bulk carriers in technical and commercial areas, benchmarking against reference ships
  • Use of brokerage expertise in assessing employment opportunities for ships; direct access to the cargo market
  • Counterpart risk assessment
  • Purchase and sale of second-hand and newbuildings of bulk carriers through the company's own (S&P) department
  • Reporting to international investors
  • Accounting system with investor access via internet to all relevant data and evaluations
  • Team of long-standing, experienced and highly motivated staff
  • Rounding off our services with our own agency, which serve all German ports and Rotterdam

Ship management „Made in Germany“ – active around the Globe

Our world is the world of bulk - bulk material and its worldwide transportation on every scale

  • With a ship management system that has expanded from Germany over decades
  • In global competition - with an attention to detail and clarity to meet the highest of standards
  • Essential advantages for our clients through a comprehensive range of information thanks to our diverse networks
  • Calls at more than 95% of countries with sea port access

Well-positioned with a modern fleet

H. Vogemann shipowning envisions itself as a service provider. In addition to the management of a group of its own ships, it offers an entire range of services for commercial and/or technical management of ships from other shipping companies and owners.

  • Commercial manager of ships in the bulk sector

A fleet of support

            The fleet serviced by H. Vogemann currently comprises of 14 ships of various sizes operating worldwide.

Age - average age of operated fleet
Number of operated vessels
g/MT/km - CO2 emission in grams, per metric ton and km - Trucks Average 924 g
nm - Total distance sailed Nautical Miles in 2017
MT - metric tons of cargo carried annually
Seafarers employed

The Capesize Bulker

This Capesize Bulker is used to transport coal and ore to China; ore from Brazil, coal from Australia and then return empty to collect a new cargo.

The Panamax Bulker

The ship's dimensions are based on the locks of the Panama Canal. The majority of these ships are gearless.

Ores, coal, grains, aluminium, bauxite and steel products are transported worldwide.

The Supramax/Ultramax Bulker

The ships of the Supramax/Ultramax class offer a higher flexibility regarding accessibility to ports, in comparison to the Panamax ships.

They have their own cranes and in addition to all products that can be carried by the Panamax class, they can also carry minerals and fertilizers.

The Handysize Bulker

This class of ship offers maximum flexibility with regard to the ports of call and the goods to be transported. In addition, the ability to carry all the goods which can also be shipped by the larger classes, forestry products and high quality minerals can also be carried.

Most of the Handysize Bulkers are equipped with cranes.

The Shipping Company Team – your contact partners

We're here for you. With our years of experience in this field, H. Vogemann's know-how will work for you.

Jens-Michael Arndt

Phone: +49 40 450 143-150
Mobil: +49 172 455 7871

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Markus Lange

Phone: +49 40 450 143-218
Mobil: +49 172 452 1307

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Karl Mohr
Head of Operation

Phone: +49 40 450 143-154
Mobil: +49 172 542 674

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Michael Zollner
Sale & Purchase

Phone: +49 40 450 143-108
Mobil: +49 172 961 9665

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Stephanie Harms-Collée
Financing / Restructuring / Controlling

Phone: +49 40 450 143-156

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Sabine Harten

Phone: +49 40 450 143-155

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Saskia Drews
Head of Accounting

Phone: +49 40 450 143-157

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Ilka Auerswald

Phone: +49 40 450 143-220

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Tim Werkholz

Phone: +49 40 450 143-107
Mobil: +49 172 450 6458

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Ivana Kravar

Phone: +49 40 450 143-225
Mobil: +49 172 683 4787

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The Management

Our two managing directors, Jens-Michael Arndt and Markus Lange, steer the future of our shipowning company.

Current Market Value

Here you can find two market reports which are updated weekly.

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving these reports via email.

Jobs & Careers

H. Vogemann shipowning company is a dynamic employer with excellent career prospects - would you like to meet us?


Send us your application with relevant documentation. We are particularly interested in offering young people a well-rounded education.

Investors need the shipping industry
– the shipping industry, investors

Shipping is very capital intensive and for interested investors, we are happy to develop tailor-made solutions so that investors can safely invest in this industry. For both institutional investors, for individual investors and investor groups through to private investors, H. Vogemann has many interesting options to offer.

We are specialists in the initiation and monitoring of (bulk) ship funds, and with our many years of experience and excellent relationships, we are convinced that an investment in this area, supported by our expertise, will lead to sustainable success.

Interested? Contact us!

The advantages of a Shipping Pool

The ship business is like water itself, constantly on the move. If you travel alone, you have to cope with all adversities on your own. A pool collectively provides support and security – on the one hand evening out market fluctuations, but on the other also seizing opportunities.

A pool offers risk diversification with regards to charters and periods and a reduction of risk through these two options.

Due to its comprehensive network in all relevant areas, H. Vogemann is the right partner for you and can also give you well-founded advice on this topic.

Feel free to contact us

The Supramax-Pool

One of the pools founded by H. Vogemann, in which the earning power of several ships from different shipping companies are bundled.

The Advantages:
• Better market position through participation
• An evening-out of income streams and market fluctuations
• Participation in market improvements
• Risk minimization with regard to charterers and periods
• Participation in different regional markets
• Cost sharing with regard to maintenance and waiting times
• In-house chartering, 16 experienced brokers act as an exclusive pool broker
• Full transparency through weekly market reports
• Weekly income forecasts for the next quarter

... and much more!

Interested? Contact us!

The special advantages of Supramax Pools

The business of shipping is like water itself, constantly in motion. If you're traveling alone, you have to cope with all adversities on your own. A cooperative like a pool provides support and safety.  On one hand, by smoothing out the fluctuations of the market, while also creating the ability to react to opportunities.

A pool diversifies risk regarding charterers and terms and reduces this risk by creating a blend of charters and periods. With a broad network  spreading across all relevant fields,  Vogemann shipping company is the right partner for you and can also provide you with sound guidance on this topic.

Sound interesting? Then feel free to contact us.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  • Foundation of H. Vogemann in 1886 (the year of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty in New York), with construction and delivery of the steamers „Walküre“ and „Rheingold“

  • At the end of the 1890s, regular liner service to New York with chartered vessels
    1st WW
  • Until then business had developed well
  • By 1934 the company owned three vessels
    2nd WW
  • At the end of the war, all ships had been lost
  • At the beginning of the 1950s, work resumed as a chartering broker and the freighter "Vogtland" was brought back into service
  • The activities in the following years focus on the chartering business and the overseeing of foreign ships from 15,000 to 20,000 dwt
  • Several Capesize Carriers with more than 170,000 dwt each are added to the fleet
  • The shipping crisis of 2008 mainly affects container shipping and tankers
  • H. Vogemann overcomes this crisis with restructuring measures and is able to acquire two tankers of 38,000 dwt each
  • In 2019, a Handysize newbuilding of 38,500 dwt will join the fleet

Due to the globalization of markets, shipping will continue to grow and have an important place in the future. However, ecological aspects must be taken into account as well as implementing sufficient measures for the environment.

  • Untreated ballast water may no longer be discharged in ports
  • By 2020, emissions from all ships worldwide are required to be nearly sulphur-free

H. Vogemann faces these and other new challenges and will modernize their ships step-by-step to stay on the cutting edge.

Our location in Hamburg:


H. Vogemann Reederei GmbH & Co. KG
Hallerstr. 40

20146 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 450 143 -0
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