Shipping is a capital intensive industry. One of the core competences of Bereederungsgesellschaft H. Vogemann GmbH & Co. KG is the projection of high yielding (bulk carrier) shipping funds. Investors can benefit from their involvement in shipping and the international (dry bulk) shipping markets. Especially today´s challenging markets are offering interesting opportunities. Long-standing experience and extensive competence in dry bulk shipping is, as we believe, essential for the overall success of any (dry bulk) shipping investment.

Institutional Investors

For institutional investors we offer tailor made investments in different legal forms at any practicable location. Furthermore we are open for cooperations and Joint Ventures.

Family Office/ Private Equity

For single investors or small groups of investors we can organize direct private placement into (dry bulk) shipping funds.

Private Investors

Private investors can become shareholder in our Kommanditgesellschaft (KG) funds, which are initiated in cooperation with the most reputable German KG-houses.