Jens-Michael Arndt, born 1964, Managing Director and Partner of H.Vogemann Group, started his shipping career in 1983 with a London based ship broker. He joined Vogemann 2003 with extensive financial and operational shipping experience from different positions in the German shipping industry such as dry cargo operation with Hamburg based operator Coreck Maritime and container liner services with Hamburg Süd. He has further been MD of many ship-KG companies and is a member of the Hamburg FFA board. He graduated from Technische Universität Berlin as “Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur”, the German equivalent of MBA with a thesis on freight forwards and MEng with a thesis on speed/consumption valuation. Mr. Arndt became partner in 2008.


Frank Jensen, born 1968, Managing Partner of H. Vogemann GmbH, has 20 years of shipping and chartering experience. He started as apprentice for T.C. Christensen in Denmark. After a traineeship in England he came to Germany to work as chartering broker for a Hamburg based broking company. He joined H. Vogemann in 1995 where he became partner in 2008.


Markus Lange, born 1964, started his banking career 1985 at Hamburgische Landesbank. He graduated from Univerity  as a Diplomkaufmann and joint Deloitte and Touche in 1992 as a financial auditor. In 1994 he rejoined the world leading shipping bank Hamburgische Landesbank . After the merger with LB Kiel he was responsible for the whole domestic clients of HSH-Nordbank AG and became deputy Head of Global Shipping in 2004.  He joined H. Vogemann Group in April 2008 as a Managing Director and Partner.


Thorsten Meier, born 1978, Managing Director of KG Reederei Roth GmbH & Co., studied Naval Architecture in Bremen, Germany. Since 2002 he worked for several companies in maritime business as Meyer Yard in Papenburg, Lürssen Yard in Bremen and the emission house Hannover Leasing in Munich. In 2008 he started an international traineeship at ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Hamburg and worked until 2009 as a manager at the segment Business Development and Strategy for Europe and Asia. Mr. Meier became MD of Reederei Roth in 2009.


Lars Rudebeck, born 1967, Managing Partner H. Vogemann GmbH, finished his apprenticeship in Kolding, Denmark in 1990, whereafter he moved to Hamburg to work for a coastal shipowner, followed by a position as Chartering Manager for an Operator in Singapore. In 1995 Mr Rudebeck moved back to Hamburg to work for Chartering & Marine Service GmbH (part of the Komrowski group), where he later became Managing Director. He joined Vogemann in 2003 as senior chartering broker and became partner of H. Vogemann GmbH in 2009.

 Claus Tessmann, born 1949, Managing Director and major shareholder of United Shipping Agency (U.S.A.), has more than 40 years agency and operational shipping experience. He started his shipping career with 19 years as Apprentice at Orient Frachtkontor Mosny & Co. GmbH (founder of United Shipping Agency) and continued with U.S.A. where he became partner and later on owner. 2001 U.S.A. merged with the Vogemann Group.

Alan Woo, born 1962, Managing Director and Partner, has more than 30 years of chartering experience. He started his dry bulk shipping career in 1985 with a German Ship Owner and joined Vogemann in 1988 as senior chartering broker. Mr. Woo became Partner of H. Vogemann Group in 2000.